Friday, September 14, 2007

refashioning is contagious

i haven't refashioned anything for myself in a ridiculously long time—haven't bought anything new though!—but my nearest and dearest have been taking up the slack.

my mom made one shirt from a pattern and refashioned another (waiting for pics!).

sarah needed some new dresses for her trip to italy and instead of buying some, asked me to make them. we made her a dress form:

duct form

and i found her two great vintage patterns on ebay:


we didn't get any pictures before she left—the sewing went right down to the wire, sar stitched the straps on to the last dress on the plane!—but she promised me some good shots, on location on the amalfi coast.

and finally, stephen refashioned! he transformed one of his old yankees shirts from gary sheffield (no longer on the team, a big jerk) to shelley duncan (rookie just called up from the minors, young and really enthusiastic and hitting big home runs):


i am, of course, a mets fan. but i'm still impressed with his work. :)

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