Tuesday, July 31, 2007

nightgown to dress

i couldn't resist this silly nightie i found in the salvation army:


the pattern was just too great:


so i reconfigured it into this:


i think it still needs a little tweaking.... i want to put some pleats at the neckline, and i think i need to take it in at the sides a little more---i want it to be loose and comfy, but think it's still a little too much fabric. but even in the meantime, it's been a great summer dress/swimsuit coverup.

p.s. sorry about the blue underwear! i forgot to change to taupe for the photo shoot.....

p.p.s. i had a windfall: some store/company/who knows what down the street from stephen's office was throwing out a whole load of upholstery fabric, and he snagged almost all of it for me:


i think there's some ultrasuede in there!

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