Tuesday, June 17, 2008

yes, the weather was kinda nuts. but in spite of it, i had a really fantastic weekend at renegade. you can see the insanity for yourself here, in this video taken by the lovely lisa of fubabee.

and that wasn't the worst of it, by far.

the red tent weathering the storm in the video belongs to my new friends from mr. poncho, who make one of the smartest products i have ever seen.

here are a couple of pics of me and my assistant trainee in drier times, one also from lisa, the second from ms. marilyn of pulp sushi:

you can see more of my booth, plus some other great sellers, on poppytalk today, right here. big thanks to katherine of kg + ab for the mention!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

so, about a month ago, a bunch of us from the {newnew} got together a bunch of our goods and sent them off to the sampler so that they could be part of the goody bags that get handed out to the attendees of the MTV movie awards, where they would hopefully end up in the hot little hands of some starlet or producer...or production assistant or reality tv cast member....

today, thanks to some links that kimm found, i located some incriminating photos:

cakehouse at the mtv movie awards

if you look very closely, you will see ody's little ears and butt sticking out from behind some other goods on the table, to the right of....that girl...from...7th heaven? possibly?

oh, but wait:

cakehouse at the mtv movie awards

you guys, ody is hanging out with a member of the cast of melrose place! dude. i expect michael or kimberly are lurking behind her, plotting some sort of evil. run, ody, run!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

freecycle has hooked me up yet again....

this morning stephen and i drove over to the office and workroom of brooklyn guild and took about 50 cubic feet of foam off their hands. i would have taken more, but there wasn't enough room in the car.



it is now residing in the back room.


the cats have mostly ignored it so far, but i've got my eye on trucky, i know he's dreaming of toppling the whole lot....

i'm really excited about this haul. i wasn't sure what i was going to do about pillow inserts—i was looking into all sorts of natural/recycled stuffing options and not finding anything that made me very happy. but now i have my foam! oh and it's not just any foam: it was originally used in a window display in the stella mccartney store. i'm sure she'd be very happy to hear that it is being reused....

p.s. i forgot my camera this past weekend at art star—plus it was raining too hard all day saturday to take good pictures—but i do have this one shot of my goose guarding my tent and tables as we closed down saturday night....


despite the rain, art star was a total blast, and i hope to do it again next year. i met some awesome vendors....more about that soon.....