Monday, September 14, 2009

so here it is, the reason that i've been neglecting this blog
(and many other things in my life, just ask the cat fur tumbleweeds in my hallways)

it's a store! it's my store! mine and kristy's and kelly's.
it's at 149 main street in beacon, ny, where kristy and kelly live.
no, i'm not moving to beacon. i'm just going to become very friendly
with the metro north conductors. and do a lot of work from home.

this whole project began with an idea to start up an online store, and
ballooned into a brick + mortar shop when this perfect space came up for rent.
so now we're on line and live and in person.

we're focusing on handmade housewares, plus unique craft supplies.
there will be craft nights and crafty classes coming soon.

our grand opening party will be on saturday october 10th.
there will be homemade pie, live music, and face painting.
and in the meantime, we're open noon-7 thursday - sunday.

ps - you can become our fan on facebook!

1 comment:

KimmChi said...

Yipppeee!! the store looked great! and i am happy to be in there!! Can't wait for the opening party