Thursday, January 31, 2008

as if i needed another purse, i know....

stephen brings home all manner of loot from work. he's got shirts from jameson, we both got shirts and coozies from pbr, and wile was, i believe, the only baby to carry his pacifier on a jagermeister lanyard. all well and good, but nothing i would have ever paid actual money for.

but then yesterday, he brought me this:


it arrived on his desk in a package full of swag from some promoter in barcelona whose name he didn't really recognize. whatever, who cares! look at that bag!


it's made from a recycled show banner, like that would hang outside a club. i found the company that made it, they sound pretty great. and you seem to be able to buy things on their site, but i can't quite figure out how....i see the shopping cart button, but i'm not sure how you get anything into it.....

p.s. i'm off gallivanting until the 11th, see you then!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

"i don't know what the purse equivalent of a running back is, but that's what you want to pick first."

those were the words of wisdom that stephen, veteran of many seasons of fantasy football drafts, passed on to me when i was getting ready for my purse draft....

see, a few months ago, sarah's mom asked us if we would be interested in purchasing some vintage purses from an older acquaintance of hers who was starting to get rid of all of her earthly goods. she emailed us some photos and told us to let her know which ones we wanted. we answered, of course, "all of them."

and then we—sarah, meg, and i—decided that to keep things fair, we would hold a draft. appetizers were served, wine was poured, numbers were picked, and the draft was on.

these were my draftees, in the order i picked them:


i think it's actually real leather....and the top snaps open and closed on little hinges, sigh....


the true selling point.

so many accoutrements, how could i resist? meg got one with paper clips and change in it.

now this is truly classic.

i dithered ridiculously long over this one, i have no idea why.


the awesome lining is clearly the reason this one lasted till the later rounds....



more of a wallet than a purse, but i'm not complaining.

and of course, we all ended up with the purses we probably would have ended up with if we had just chose without a draft—everything we chose was so suited to only our style.

well, sar and i might have come to blows over that first blue one....