Thursday, January 31, 2008

as if i needed another purse, i know....

stephen brings home all manner of loot from work. he's got shirts from jameson, we both got shirts and coozies from pbr, and wile was, i believe, the only baby to carry his pacifier on a jagermeister lanyard. all well and good, but nothing i would have ever paid actual money for.

but then yesterday, he brought me this:


it arrived on his desk in a package full of swag from some promoter in barcelona whose name he didn't really recognize. whatever, who cares! look at that bag!


it's made from a recycled show banner, like that would hang outside a club. i found the company that made it, they sound pretty great. and you seem to be able to buy things on their site, but i can't quite figure out how....i see the shopping cart button, but i'm not sure how you get anything into it.....

p.s. i'm off gallivanting until the 11th, see you then!

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