Monday, September 8, 2008

perhaps you've noticed that lovely banner up at the top of my blog lately, but haven't had a minute to click on it and see what it's all about? well, i'll make it easy for you:

this saturday, september 13th, i'm going up to beacon, ny, to throw a one-day craft fair with a bunch of other crafty ladies from my etsy team, the {newnew}. it's called the handmade cavalcade, and it will be a great collection hip handmade goodies, from jewlery to journals, from soap to ceramics, from knitting to napkins.

we will set up shop at the corner of main street and north cedar, just a short walk up from beacon's metro-north station.

if you're in the city, beacon is a great town for a day trip—not only is it in the beautiful hudson valley, but it's got a ton of galleries and cute shops, and is home to the very impressive dia:beacon museum.

hope to see you there...

*p.s. marichelle just gave us a shout-out on her weekly bulletin board over at her lovely site, heart handmade.

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