Thursday, June 5, 2008

so, about a month ago, a bunch of us from the {newnew} got together a bunch of our goods and sent them off to the sampler so that they could be part of the goody bags that get handed out to the attendees of the MTV movie awards, where they would hopefully end up in the hot little hands of some starlet or producer...or production assistant or reality tv cast member....

today, thanks to some links that kimm found, i located some incriminating photos:

cakehouse at the mtv movie awards

if you look very closely, you will see ody's little ears and butt sticking out from behind some other goods on the table, to the right of....that girl...from...7th heaven? possibly?

oh, but wait:

cakehouse at the mtv movie awards

you guys, ody is hanging out with a member of the cast of melrose place! dude. i expect michael or kimberly are lurking behind her, plotting some sort of evil. run, ody, run!

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KimmChi said...

OMG, that's where she's from, I knew i knew her from somewhere!