Thursday, March 27, 2008

i've applied for several fairs and markets coming up this spring and summer, which means i've been contemplating my display strategy. i have in the past used wire baskets that i borrowed from sarah, but then she called and said she needed somewhere to put her fruit and vegetables or some such nonsense.... clearly i needed something that wouldn't be repossessed. i had this idea that old interior shutters would be cool, but where was i going to find old interior shutters?

at my in-laws' house, apparently.

my m.i.l. was finally changing stephen's old bedroom into a guest room. which means, on the minus side, that our house is now full of all the "treasures" that had been in his closet.... but on the plus side, we'll have a brand new queen-size pull-out sofa to sleep on when we stay there, AND i scored the old shutters!

shutter display to be

the only thing standing in my way (aside from a little paint touch-up and a good cleaning) was the bar that ran down the center of the louvers:

shutter display up close

the whole operation needed to be excised---the bar and the metal bits that were holding it in. i contemplated my removal options:


i tried the needle-nose pliers first...

shutter display in progress

...and thankfully, with some effort, they did the trick. i really didn't want to have to break out the hacksaw.

and so, voila!

shutter display completed!

p.s. i had planned on posting all of my fabulous florida thrift scores, but on wednesday night my laptop crashed, all data's at the shop now, i'm trying to stay optimistic that the tekserve peeps can do their magic.....

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